All Hail The Hair Masque!

My Beauties! 

It’s time that I educate you on at home masques.  AND I’m hosting a contest! I want to see pictures of you all rocking your masques while you're chilling at home and Netflixing. I will pick the best masque picture with the winner receiving fabulous Kerastase products. Who’s excited??

After you read this, post your picture below, on my Facebook post on my page or send it to me over Instagram.  I will pick a winner next week!  Be sure to share this with all your friends. I want to spread the word of the masque!

Let’s begin.

Pick one night and while your “flixing" and put a hair masque in your hair. Let it sit in your hair for the duration of your show and then shower and rinse it out. The beauty of at-home hair masques is that you can leave them in for ten minutes, or let them sit in your hair as you finish up a season of whatever show you're watching.  

This sounds easy enough, yet I feel like we neglect hair masques for different reasons:  you don't know how to apply the masque properly. You don't know what to use.  You’re afraid it will make your hair oily and create a buildup.  You don’t have Netflix, which makes me question your life choices…just kidding…kinda. Whether it’s in front of the TV, on the phone or cooking dinner at night, you can have a masque in your hair.

Let me walk you through at home hair masques and answer the questions I mentioned above.

First, let’s pick out your masque. My beauties in my chair know that I'm not a product snob but my number one choice is any of the Kerastase Masques.  Now as a Kerastase Ambassador, I am learning more about how beneficial the K masques truly are.  I’m currently using the Elixir Ultime Oleo-complexe masque with Aura Botanica Concentre Essentiel Oil on my ends.  You can get both of these products at Carbon Salon along with all the other wonderful masques Kerastase offers.  If you’re nervous a masque might be too heavy for your hair, Kerastase has a brand new masque just for you. It’s called Specifique Hydro-Apaisant.  This masque is silicone free, moisturizes and soothes the scalp leaving the hair soft, supple and light. This is a perfect formula for my ladies with a sensitive scalp or have thin or oily hair.  Other hair masques can be found at all beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta. Be sure to read the ingredients and if your unsure, you can always message me.  



Applying your masque is not as hard as you may think it is. I start by brushing my hair out. My hair is dry when I do my masques so that my hair absorbs all the amazing ingredients. I part my hair into four quadrants. I part down the middle and from ear to ear. I take a small spoon of the masque and work it into the hair, section by section, focusing on working the product through the mid strands and ends. I'm using my fingers to comb the product through the hair. Once the product is in and evenly distributed, I put my hair up in a bun with a clip.  

The oil I put on my ends with my masque.

The oil I put on my ends with my masque.

After you have sat with your masque, you can hop in the shower. When I get into the shower, I start rinsing the masque out near my scalp. I shampoo the scalp twice.  This removes buildup and any residue that leaves your hair feeling oily, and prevents your hair from getting dirty faster. After two thorough washes I then rinse everything out. I condition the ends and shave my legs while I let the conditioner soak into my hair. And that’s the only time I shave my legs. Just being honest!  You may not even need to condition your ends depending on your hair type and how you are going to style it out after. My hair gets frizzy, so after a masque I still like to condition with Kerastase’s Discipline Floudiste (anti-frizz conditioner).


You can also do a five minute masque in the shower after your hair is wet. When I have a busy week and I am getting home late, I will get in the shower and wash my hair twice, applying the masque like I mentioned above. I will then let it sit in my hair while up in a bun with a clip while I continue with my shower routine.  I rinse out the masque, and depending on how my hair is feeling or how I am styling it, I condition and rinse that out.  When I get out of the shower, I gently squeegee the water out of my hair and wrap in a towel.  Don't go to town rough drying your hair with your towel.  When your hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state.  

Okay my beauties! Go forth and Masque! I look forward to seeing all of your pictures! Please leave any questions or comments below.


The Long Hair Queen.

The Big Cut

I chopped my hair!!

Last month I cut four inches. Can you believe it?? The #longhairqueen chopped four inches! 

Girl why?


1.     I have not cut this much off my hair in years.  I needed change.  I have had too many hair stylists in my hair over the years. This isn't knocking the stylists by any means. You must remember that every stylist cuts a little different than the next.  For clients, if you salon hop, you’re going to end up with several different cuts in your hair.  This is bad because you could end up with uneven hair, unwanted layers and/or over texturized hair.  I had too many uneven layers or “holes” in my hair and the perimeter of my hair looked straggly.  When Ingrid, the only stylist to touch my hair now, cut off the four inches, the perimeter of my hair was fuller and the balayage was gone, so my ends looked and felt healthier. You truly feel like a whole new woman when you get a fresh cut. 

(Sidenote: Never use Groupon to get a cut. You may get someone who is chop happy or doesn't know what they are doing yet. Save money on other things. It’s worth every penny to have a stylist who truly knows how to take care of your hair.)

1.     It’s a nice change of pace having shorter hair.  I love my cute ponytail and my curls could not be happier. I don't look back at old pictures of my hair and say “why did I do this?” Instead, I look to the future and say I’m excited to grow my hair out healthy.  It won’t take me long because I’ll be my using my long hair program that I tell you all about when you come to the salon. Most of my clients already know the benefits of my special program. I have helped ladies for three years now grow out their hair.  The reason to grow your hair out and the desired length may be different from client to client, but the path to get there is the same.

So what is my special program? If you haven't heard my spiel yet, here it is. The first thing we do is a haircut. You must be saying, “Cut?? I need growth!” Patience my beauties!  We always start with a haircut because we need to make sure that your hair is even and your split ends are under control. Depending on your hair we may take off a few inches or just one.  I like to take more off in the fall if we need to because that gives us all winter to grow your hair back out. Let’s be real: We all want long mermaid hair for the summer.  REMEMBER that I am the hair stylist that will leave as much length as possible.  I will NEVER cut off your length without talking to you first.  I always show you the first cut and take off hair in small increments.   

Once we have a fresh canvas of hair, I have you come in once a month in between your hair cuts for my special blow-dry. This consists of two clarifying shampoos at the sink and then a ten-minute treatment under heat. I love treatments! I use the Redken Extreme treatment for my special blow outs. You can also try our Kerastase Fusio Doses and other Kerastase treatments. They are the creme dela creme of conditioning treatments. Kerastase uses the best of the best ingredients. I'm obsessed.   After the shampoo and treatment, I blow dry your hair however your heart desires. We can do straight, wavy, curly, or everyone’s favorite, beachy waves.  After we blow you out, I go through each section and I only take off the split ends. I don't take off length or re-layer.  By staying on top of your split ends each month by nourishing and protecting your hair, your locks will be in great shape. Healthy hair equals growing hair, which equals long hair.  

I then suggest the vitamins and high antioxidant diet that I have wrote about in my past posts. Be healthy on the inside and it will shine through on the outside.

So lets grow our hair out together! My Baby sister is getting married in September so lets check in then to see how long my hair has grown.  My Method works ladies. Trust!


The Long Hair Queen.





PM Hair

At night, we all have our routines - brushing our pearly whites, washing our faces, getting into our jammies, etc. 

Ladies, we are forgetting something?

Our hair! 

Do we brush it? Maybe. Do we put it up? Doubtful! Are we putting oil in the ends? Definitely not. And lastly, do you own a silk pillow case?  

Let me fill you in on my nightly routine. (Click on the bold to buy stuff. :))

I brush my hair before I shower and before bed.  We lose up to 100 strands a day so I like to brush them out so I don't have a stroke in the shower thinking I'm losing all of my hair. Brushing your hair also stimulates the scalp helping to create a healthy environment for new growth.

Once brushed, I put my hair on the top of my head in a bun with a clip, leaving my ends out.  By putting my hair up in a clip and not a hair tie, I'm protecting my hair from damage from the elastic.  Also, the clip won’t leave indents that drive everyone crazy when they take their hair down. I take my hair out of the clip the next morning after I shower and my blow out still looks good. All I have to do is touch up the hairs around my face.   

When my hair is up in the clip with the ends out I then take one of my favorite split end serums and apply it. They get special care at night so they stay strong until my next trim and treatment. With everything secured in the clip on top of my head, the serum won’t get on my face and all over my pillow case.  On the last night of my blow out, my ends are soaked with oil.  I wash my hair the next day and my ends are healthy and soft.

I have two silk pillow cases that I alternate.  I recently purchased a silk pillow case for my body pillow. Silkiness all around! My grandmother gave me one of her silk pillowcases andI haven’t gone back to cotton since.  My hair never gets tangled, nor does my hair feel dirty or messy in the morning.  Silk has wonderful benefits not just for our hair, but our skin as well. To see more benefits of silk click here.

I set myself up for success by leaving all of my nighttime supplies on my night stand.  After a long day, or if I am out late, I can sometimes come down with a case of the lazies, wanting nothing more than to swan dive into my bed.  I have face wipes and baby oil - that’s right, I said baby oil-  to wash my face and take my makeup off.  I always have lip balm to have luscious lips at the ready. (To kiss my baby fluffs obvs.) I have night cream for my face and a separate cream for my hands.  I stash a couple of clips for my hair and always have a clean silky pillow case ready to go.  With the little energy I have I will put serum in my ends. I’ll get into why I use what I use on my face another day. For now, I want all of my beauties focusing on their hair.

 I wake up and my mornings are much easier. I’m not yelling at new zits in the mirror or brushing knots out of my hair.  My PM set up is fool proof. Trust! When I don't have my hair up, my Bae will ask, “Where’s the bun?!”  He even knows how important my nightly routine is.  So ladies, make sure you take care of your hair at night, so it will be shiny and beautiful when you wake up!


The Long Hair Queen.

P.S Stevie (The great one) and Bon Appetit mag are my go to reads at night.  Strongly recommend them.



Post Workout Hair.

For my ladies who are working out hard and treating their bodies like temples but struggle with their "crown" after a workout...

So, many of you have asked me, “How do I not wash my hair after the gym?” 

 Let’s start with before you even step foot into a gym, a run, a class etc. How are you wearing your hair? 

 This question is easy. Up. 

 Have you put dry shampoo around the perimeter of your hair?

Many of us think that dry shampoo is for after our workout.  We spray it on thick and think it will magically save our blow outs. We spray it real close to the roots because that’s where we need it the most. WRONG! Ladies, this is all wrong!

Any time you use dry shampoo, you want to spray it six inches away from your scalp.  Practice on your arm first so that you can see that spraying any distance past six inches will feel like powder against your hair. Spray any closer and the dry shampoo will apply wet, which defeats the purpose.

For me, I always spray my part and then I put my hair up in a ponytail.  Then, I spray the dry shampoo at the nape of my neck and my hair line around my face.  Those are the sweatiest places for me. Trust me; I'm the worst face sweater. No shame.  Here is my list of my favorite dry shampoos to use:  

1.     Kerestase Powder Bluff

2.     Davines Hair Refresher

3.     Living proof Perfect Hair Dry

4.     Tresemme Fresh Start

This leads to my next question.  Are you wearing a head band? 

Don’t tell me this is a thing of the eighties (a decade I personally wish I had been a part of).  Put on a fabric head band or a rolled up handkerchief.  This keeps all baby hairs neat and out of the way from collecting sweat off of your face and neck. Nothing is worse for me than my bangs bouncing in my face or my little buckwheat hairs that curl up and disperse sweat droplets…..real cute!

Click on the picture to purchase a headband if you don't have one.

 Is your hair in a ponytail or bun?

Ponytails are quick and easy, but buns save our blow out and keep our hair clean.  If you have long hair, your ponytail will dust your back, shoulders and chest depending on what type of work out you do. It will also touch the floor if you are working out on a mat.  Gross people!! A bun will keep your mid-strands and ends clean from the dirty floor and from your sweating body.  In the picture above, my hair stays up in a bun with only a clip.  I'm also not running miles or in a spin class. If I was, I would secure my hair in ponytail first so that my hair doesn't fall down.  Then, I would wrap my pony tail in a bun with a clip to keep my tresses clean.  

What kind of exercise are you about to take part in? 

For my swimmers -  before you even step foot near that pool of chlorine and god knows what else is in that water, soak your hair in clean shower water.  Don't have time for that? Put conditioner in your hair before you put it up.  You can even do both. I make the time to soak my hair in fresh water and condition the ends.  Your hair will thank you.  You want your hair follicles filled with clean water and conditioner, not the pool water. If your hair soaks up the pool water, the chemicals will eat at your hair.  This is bad for all types of hair. Over time this will wreak havoc on your scalp and hair.  

 My gym goers and class takers -  put your hair up, bun it and wear a headband like I mentioned above.  Apply dry shampoo before your workout.  

After the workout, I hop right into the shower with my hair how it is. I sometimes use a shower cap to prevent my hair from getting wet but I have mastered my showers without a shower cap.  I do my best to keep my face safe from the water as well. I wash my face separately. 

After I shower and I have my makeup on, I then take my hair down.  I take a round brush and rework the hair around my face. It takes five minutes. It’s okay if you have sweat in your hair line. Blow drying into your hair is good for it. Your body won’t overproduce sweat, and it will nourish your hair and keep it from drying out. When we wash our hair every day or twice a day, you are throwing off the pH balance of your scalp causing your scalp to overproduce your body’s natural oils.   

Hair right after my workout routine and shower.  

Hair right after my workout routine and shower.  

TADA! You survived a workout without having to rewash your hair and restyle it. I just saved you a good hour of your time. You’re welcome!

I think I covered everything. If you have any questions message me in the comments below.

Hope this helps my work out beauties!!


The Long Hair Queen.

P.S. Workout with me! Below is a 30 day challenge I am trying to conquer in my living room. Who needs a gym or a class when you have two Kitty fluffs to cheer you on??  

Only the cutest fluff babies. 

Only the cutest fluff babies. 

The Longhair Queen in 2017!

My Dearest Clientele,

I cannot thank you enough for this past year.  I started at my new salon, and not only did you all follow me, you have made Carbon Salon your new castle to tame all your tresses.  I am so blessed to have such a loyal and caring clientele. Your support means the world to me and the team at Carbon Salon.

There are going to be so many exciting things to look forward to in this coming year here at Carbon Salon. 

You'll notice there are a few new faces.  We have Hayley, one of our receptionists, our amazing assistants, Tien and Xiomara, and our new stylist, Kara.  If you haven't been in to see me in a while, I will be sure to introduce you. They all share the same passion for hair that I do. I love working with them. 


Ladies, the makeup kits at Carbon have been unleashed! Hayley, Xiomara, Kara and I are all available to do makeup in the salon or on location for any event. You can click on their names to see their beautiful work. 

This brings me to the makeup classes and other hair education for the year.  We are planning a Valentine’s Day makeup class in February and another class later on in the spring. I am going to have a braiding class detailing all the cute spring and summer braid trends.  In the fall we will of course have our holiday glam class.  

So far, I have 10 weddings and counting this season!! Pray for me.

Just kidding, you all know weddings are my jam!

I will do my best this year to keep you all updated with all things hair and makeup (with the occasional life moment and cat pic) on my blog, YouTube channel and all of my other social media accounts.

I love you all so much! Let this be another great year of glorious hair.

xo The Long Hair Queen.








Wedding season in full bloom!

This summer, the looks I have chosen with my brides are polished, natural looking hair. Whether my bride or her bridesmaids want their hair up or down, I'm creating looks that are classic and effortless.  

    I’m giving my brides the option to wear their hair down for the ceremony and pictures, and then up for dinner and dancing.  This is a great idea for brides who can’t decide on how to wear their hair. Half-up half down styles provide the perfect balance of having the hair out of her face but waves can still cascade down her shoulders and back.  When she’s ready for it all to go up, it only takes me minutes to put up the bottom half.  

Messy curls and waves have made a huge comeback.  This is a beautiful trend that I have incorporated into my bridal beauty plan. I bring the waves from the beach down the aisle by smoothing down all fly aways and taming any frizz.  The curls are still loose and soft, but clean and shiny which looks amazing in pictures.  

     For the brides that want an updo for their big day, I encourage them to keep their look simple.  Bridal gowns are becoming more and more intricate with so many ornate details.  A swept up chignon is the perfect balance to a busy dress. There can be a defined part with her hair swooping to the side or the hair pulled back with volume at the crown.  This style can be customized to the bride and her wishes.  

Don't forget the gents! I also take care of the groom and his groomsmen on the big day. I provide neck trims and styling so they look sharp going down the isle too! 

Stay tuned for more wedding hair and makeup this summer! 

~The Long Hair Queen

Looking Fab On The Fly.

On Your Travels.


For my ladies and gents traveling, whether by plane, train, car or boat, I have some pointers for staying fresh and glamorous when you get to your destination.  We have all been there before: you get to where you’re going, but you feel gross and look disheveled. Traveling can be exhausting too, so be a step ahead and prepare wisely. Here’s how:


1. Clean hair. Easy. Come see me! I’ll give you two clarifying washes, blow your hair out and even pull it back for you.  If you can’t get in to see me, take the time to wash your hair and blow it out using my blow dry method. When your hair is clean and blown out, it’s much easier to work with and you'll be thankful you took the time when you roll into your destination with clean hair.  When you wash and dry your hair correctly, your blow out should last you 2-3 days. So whether you’re traveling for the weekend or you’ll be away for a whole week, your hair should last most of the trip.     


2. Put that hair up!  This is what will keep your hair clean while you're traveling. Get it up and out of your face, bangs included.  Take a jaw clip like the one I use in my blow dry video and put your hair up in a loose bun on the top of your head. Take bobby pins or a cute head band and neatly bring your bangs back or to the side. If you pin them up messy, they will fall messy, and that defeats the purpose of what we are doing here.  


3. Moisturize your face and lips double time.  When traveling, I like to pile on the moisturizers because planes, trains, cars, etc. seem to have air conditioning that can suck the life out of your hair and skin. I skip foundation and extra makeup on travel days, because it will only cause more dryness and your skin to look worn out.  I'm applying my Eos every 36 seconds. It’s my favorite lip balm. I will use a natural lip liner and fill in my lips with it. This gives my lips a little boost of color and the Eos keeps them smooth and shiny.  Fool proof, my friends. 


4. Face wipes. These should always be in your bag. I use the CVS brand face wipes to wash my makeup off at night. If I'm not using the CVS wipes, I'm using straight up baby wipes. At first I thought I was just being super lazy, but when Noel McKinnon, head makeup artist of MLR said it’s the best for your skin, I was patting myself on the back. I mean they’re for baby bums. Why not use them??? So back to traveling. The moment I land or arrive at a train station I'm quickly pulling out my face wipe and wiping my face, neck and hands. I re-apply my Eos and I'm a whole new woman. Many of us sleep on the plane or train. Do you know who sat there before you? If you let whatever was on the seat rest on your face, you’re allowing it to seep into your pores and cause *dun dun dun*…breakouts.  And don't act like you don't touch your face. This adds to the spreading of grossness. 


5. Hand sanitizer and hand lotion.  For my ladies, these two items should already be in your purse.  You don't need huge bottles or anything fancy, just enough to get you through your travels.  I would sanitize once you’re on your chosen mode of transport, and sanitize right before you get off.  It should be the first thing you do when you board and the first thing you do when you arrive.  Keeping your skin, hair and body safe from nasty germs starts with your hands.  Hand sanitizers can be rough on your hands, so I always follow up with a few drops of lotion. My favorites are the travel size Crabtree and Evelyn.  


6. Floss sticks.  I’m a chubster when I travel. Snacks galore. Yes I'm the one asking the flight attendant for extra pretzels or if they have any of those extra meals for longer flights.  One time a flight attendant gave me her lunch. I'm embarrassing.  Anyways, floss sticks hide all the evidence that I have been mowing down.  They keep my breath on the fresh side and my gums healthy. They are easy to store in your carry-on bag.     


7. Drink water. Just do it. I know mimosas and three cans of diet coke are very tempting. Trust me on this one. You'll feel better when you get to your destination.  When you drink heavy drinks like soda, they sit in your stomach and cause your body to feel tired and lethargic.  When you get to your destination, you will have more energy to start your vacation. You won’t have to dive onto your hotel bed desperate for a nap.  I also encourage you to drink plenty of water throughout your trip.  This will help keep you healthy and your skin and hair glowing. Water helps you look amazing your whole trip and come back feeling truly refreshed. 

My first vid!

The Linnybelle Blowout! 

Hello my blow dry seekers!

I would like to first apologize that this video has little verbal explanation. If I talked throughout the video, it would have been 45 mins! I know you don't have time for that.  I also wasn't allowed to play music do to copyright issues. Lame! 

In the video, you'll see how I brake down the blow dry into six steps.  When you attempt each step, its important to take your time and BREATH. Blow drying your hair takes practice to master but I will get you there! Below I have wrote additional tips for each step. 

Before you begin your blow dry journey, prep your hair and get all your tools out.  

I’ve listed a few products I love for the perfect blowout. Click below to read about them and purchase. 

  1. Colour Fanatic Treatment by Purology. Ladies this is my favorite!
  2. Extreme Length Sealer by Redken. Great for  split ends.
  3. Color Serum Spray by Goldwell. For my color treated clients.
  4. After Party by Bed Head. My classic go to.

Start with these.  They can be mixed together or applied separately.  Distribute through your hair evenly. l will put what products I'm using in my hair before I comb my hair out.  This allows your comb to spread the product throughout your hair and help detangle.  Stay tuned for my blog post on all my favorite products!

Now that your hair is prepped, it’s time to get your tools out. In this video, I used a Conair blow dryer, 2” round brush and a large claw clip. Have everything lined up so you can stay organized. 

On to the blow dry!

Step 1. Getting The Hair 80% Dry

DO NOT FLIP YOUR HEAD OVER! This will cause frizz and breakage! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Instead, tilt your head side to side. Use your fingers to gently comb through your hair as you point your blow dryer down the hair shaft. You want the air flow going downward to keep the hair smooth.  But be careful: When you face the blow dryer nozzle at your hair, it will blast the cuticle of the strand and you can easily burn and damage the hair.  When you feel like most of the moisture is out of the hair, turn the blow dryer off and get ready to part your hair. 

Step 2. Drying the Bangs

I like to dry the bangs next because if you let the bangs dry on their own, things might get crazy. With your fingers, brush your bangs down as you blow dry them.  Brush them side to side to fight against any cowlick you may have.  After doing this for a few seconds, grab your round brush and place it under your bangs at the root and blow dry down. Once you’ve done this a few times, take your bangs and wrap them around the brush, blow drying underneath them.  Finally, wrap your bangs around the brush and blow dry them pulling them to the side of your face you want them to lay on. If you have a full fringe going across your face, just blow dry them forward using your fingers. If you want the fringe to have bounce, blow dry them with the brush underneath the hair and hold the blow dryer over the fringe for a few seconds to set them. 

Step 3. Blow drying the nape section

Use your thumbs to part the nape of your hair.  The nape section goes from ear to ear. Pin everything above this section up on the top of your head in the claw clip.  Part the nape section down the middle and bring both sections forward (note: some of us many have more hair then others so you might need to part of the nape sections into four sections).  Grab your blow dryer and begin to blow dry at the roots, first by using your hands. Create tension by gently pulling your hair down as you blow dry down the shaft. When the roots are 100% dry, grab your round brush and take a section and wrap the hair around the brush. Once wrapped, pull the brush down and blow dry the section slowly.  TAKE YOUR TIME.   If you rush through this, chances are your going to leave moisture in the hair.  When you get to the ends, hold the blow dryer for a few extra seconds to dry and add a little bend to the ends. Take the section, smooth it out with your free hand and then begin the wrap process again. Wrap, smooth, repeat!

REMEMBER - You’re going to be doing most of the blow dry in front of you so your arms don't get tired and you have more control over your hair, brush and blow dryer. If you do start to get tired and or frustrated put everything down and check your body position. Are your arms in front of you? Are your bending over and straining your back? You may just need to slow down. Take a breath. Sip that wine and keep practicing!

When all the sections of the nape area are done, place all the hair to the right side of your head.  

Step 4. The Mid Section

With your nape section sitting on the right side of your head, grab your next part on the left side. The mid section goes from temple to temple around your head. This last section on top is your crown section. Pin that up and out of the way including the right side of the mid section so that the damp hair doesn't re-dampen the nape section you just finished.  With the left mid section down, part the section in half vertically and place the section closest to your face up and out of the way as well.  Blow dry that back section like you just did with the nape. Make sure the roots are smooth and 100% dry before picking up that round brush. Wrap, smooth, repeat.  Continue onto the front section. When that is dry bring all the dry hair to the left side of your head and blow dry the mid section on the right side. 

*I know this is wordy! Bare with me we are almost done! Go you!*

Step 5.  The crown section

For my ladies who love volume, this is where you'll get it! Tilt your head slightly forward and take the crown section out of the clip and comb it forward over your face with your fingers.  take all your hair that’s dried (minus your bangs if you have them) and pin the hair back with the claw clip.  This keeps your hair organized and out of your face. If you don't pin back the dry hair, it will fall forward when you tilt your head, opening up room for chaos.  When your crown is combed forward, start blow drying the entire section towards your face. When the roots feel 100% dry, you’re going to take small sections for maximum volume going horizontally over the crown section.  Starting in the back of the crown, take your first section and wrap it around the brush like you've been doing for all of the previous sections. When dried, flip it back and grab your next section. Repeat this until the whole section is dried. Comb it all forward one last time, putting the brush down and running your fingers through the section while continuing to blow dry it forward towards your face. Flip your hair back and voila! Volume. Boom!

Step 6. Make sure the all the hair is 100% dry

This is the easiest step. You’re blending all the sections and combing it through with your fingers as you blow dry all over.  Even though you’re blow drying all over, you still need the blow dryer to be pointing down the hair shaft.  Resist the temptation to flip your head over. Turn off your blow dryer and smooth your hair down with your fingers. Try to work with your finger tips so any oils from the palm of your hands don't grease up your hair, especially near the root. 

And there you have it folks. The Linnybelle blow dry in six steps!     

You can do this ladies! I believe in you! Parting your hair, keeping tension with your brush and working at a slow ensures the hair is smooth and dried fully.  Play your favorite music, put on your girl face and get to blow drying. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the time to practice this. Your hair will thank you as well! 

I’m here all six steps of the way!  For any questions, comment below. 

Good luck my fellow blow out babes!

~The long Hair Queen


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Healthy Hair Part 1.

For my ladies and men growing their hair out, whether it be for the latest trends, your wedding day or if you’re just wanting overall healthy hair, there is one question you must ask yourself before you can get serious about healthy hair and skin:

What am I eating?

This may seem silly, but what we put inside our bodies affects what the outside of our bodies look like. Come on people, we know this! If we eat and drink poorly, our skin and hair isn’t going to look and feel as great as it could.  Last January, I started my hunt for “power foods” for hair and skin.  After hours of research, I made my grocery list and headed to the store.  After two weeks of a diet built around these foods, I noticed not only that my hair felt stronger and had more shine, but also that my skin was clearer.  

I continued on my healthy eating conquest until my birthday month (yes I celebrate my birthday for a month) when my diet took a turn for the worse. My hair wasn't growing as quickly as it was when I was eating clean and my skin was a mess.  The awful winter weather didn't help either. 

I know it’s hard to break poor eating habits. I get it. We’re all human and we all hit our little rough patches.  However, if you can stick to eating these power foods, you will see a difference. I have been eating power foods for two months now and I couldn't be happier with my hair, skin and overall complexion.  Below is my list of the top ten power foods for your hair skin.  Click on the food to follow the link, where it will go into detail about that particular power food and why it’s good for your hair and/or skin. 


 1. Spinach

 2. Tomatoes

 3. Greek yogurt 

 4. Walnuts

 5.  Wild Salmon

 6. Sweet potatoes 

 7. Kiwis

 8. Blueberries

 9. Oysters

10. Dark Chocolate

Honorable Mentions

  1. Eggs
  2. Mozzarella (My personal favorite.)
  3. Flax seed 
  4. Lentils (My salon's favorite. The ladies are always eating these in the break room.)

The foods I've listed can easily be distributed throughout your meals every day.  

For sweet potatoes, check out this article here for 25 healthy recipes.  For 20 meal ideas for salmon, check here.  I found that these two power foods needed a little prep time, but nothing too crazy.  The others listed can easily go into salads or can be eaten as a snack on its own.

You'll find that the power foods I've listed are in all kinds of recipes.  I love cooking so it’s fun for me to look up recipes and try them out.  If cooking isn't your thing, try incorporating these foods into smoothies.  I love my Nutribullett! Click here to get one.

If you don't like raw oysters or have never tried them, plug your nose and suck them down.  My sister Sarah is the pickiest eater and she loves them. So don’t be scared, order them the next time you’re out!  Your friends will think you’re fancy with your knowledge of this ocean delicacy.  I could eat Welfleet and Island Creek oysters all day long. 

If you need help finding recipes, have recipes and power foods you would like to share, or have any questions, comment below! 

Happy Eats!

~The Long Hair Queen.


My Story.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my world of hair, makeup and fashion. I have been in Boston for three years at The Jean Pierre Salon on Newbury Street (The salon is currently being transformed under new management, so for my existing and future clients get ready for some exciting changes!). I am a makeup artist and hairstylist with the very talented team at MLR Artist Management. Check out MLR's website here to see all the amazing work we've done. I also do a little modeling with Maggie Models Inc. Click here to view my portfolio with them. If you haven't gathered already, I am a very busy girl!

I was six years old when I discovered my passion for hair. My grandmother was babysitting one night and taught me how to French braid. I will never forget that night, sitting in the living room with her and she encouraged me to keep practicing. French braids to hot rollers. Hot rollers to blow drying. Styling hair just came naturally  to me.  At the young age of six, I was not happy with my curly and out of control hair, so I took it upon myself to fix it. My cousin Bethany and I would spend hours in the bathroom playing with our hair and applying makeup on each other. 

As I got older, I started styling everyone's hair. Parties, dances, sleepovers, even sporting events- every occasion was an opportunity to hone my craft.  It didn't matter what sport I played, I was French braiding my teammates' hair before games. When I wasn't  on stage for school dramas and musicals, I was back stage  styling hair and applying makeup.  I also had this burning desire to be a model. When playing softball, I wouldn't  even slide into any base because I didn't want any scars on my legs. My teammates and I had to run laps because of that. Sorry ladies, but it has paid off for me!  Teachers and friends supported me as I tried out for America's Next Top Model,  but that's an adventure I'll save for another time...

After high school I went to Three Rivers Community College, where I achieved high honors as I earned my associate's degree in general studies. During the school year, I worked at Ruby Tuesday's. A few of my coworkers asked me to style their hair on their wedding day. This was when I discovered my love for styling hair for a bride's big day. I then went to Toni and Guy Cosmetology school, graduating a month early in hot pursuit of becoming a Redken artist.  

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am where I am today. I have big dreams and I'm not stopping until I reach them. I'm almost there and it is  so exciting.  One of the best parts of my job is getting to hear all of your hopes and dreams when you're in my chair. If you haven't sat in my chair yet, come tell me your story while I work my magic with your hair. I look forward to it.

Remember, our hair is our greatest accessory.

~The Long Hair Queen