Healthy Hair Part 1.

For my ladies and men growing their hair out, whether it be for the latest trends, your wedding day or if you’re just wanting overall healthy hair, there is one question you must ask yourself before you can get serious about healthy hair and skin:

What am I eating?

This may seem silly, but what we put inside our bodies affects what the outside of our bodies look like. Come on people, we know this! If we eat and drink poorly, our skin and hair isn’t going to look and feel as great as it could.  Last January, I started my hunt for “power foods” for hair and skin.  After hours of research, I made my grocery list and headed to the store.  After two weeks of a diet built around these foods, I noticed not only that my hair felt stronger and had more shine, but also that my skin was clearer.  

I continued on my healthy eating conquest until my birthday month (yes I celebrate my birthday for a month) when my diet took a turn for the worse. My hair wasn't growing as quickly as it was when I was eating clean and my skin was a mess.  The awful winter weather didn't help either. 

I know it’s hard to break poor eating habits. I get it. We’re all human and we all hit our little rough patches.  However, if you can stick to eating these power foods, you will see a difference. I have been eating power foods for two months now and I couldn't be happier with my hair, skin and overall complexion.  Below is my list of the top ten power foods for your hair skin.  Click on the food to follow the link, where it will go into detail about that particular power food and why it’s good for your hair and/or skin. 


 1. Spinach

 2. Tomatoes

 3. Greek yogurt 

 4. Walnuts

 5.  Wild Salmon

 6. Sweet potatoes 

 7. Kiwis

 8. Blueberries

 9. Oysters

10. Dark Chocolate

Honorable Mentions

  1. Eggs
  2. Mozzarella (My personal favorite.)
  3. Flax seed 
  4. Lentils (My salon's favorite. The ladies are always eating these in the break room.)

The foods I've listed can easily be distributed throughout your meals every day.  

For sweet potatoes, check out this article here for 25 healthy recipes.  For 20 meal ideas for salmon, check here.  I found that these two power foods needed a little prep time, but nothing too crazy.  The others listed can easily go into salads or can be eaten as a snack on its own.

You'll find that the power foods I've listed are in all kinds of recipes.  I love cooking so it’s fun for me to look up recipes and try them out.  If cooking isn't your thing, try incorporating these foods into smoothies.  I love my Nutribullett! Click here to get one.

If you don't like raw oysters or have never tried them, plug your nose and suck them down.  My sister Sarah is the pickiest eater and she loves them. So don’t be scared, order them the next time you’re out!  Your friends will think you’re fancy with your knowledge of this ocean delicacy.  I could eat Welfleet and Island Creek oysters all day long. 

If you need help finding recipes, have recipes and power foods you would like to share, or have any questions, comment below! 

Happy Eats!

~The Long Hair Queen.