My first vid!

The Linnybelle Blowout! 

Hello my blow dry seekers!

I would like to first apologize that this video has little verbal explanation. If I talked throughout the video, it would have been 45 mins! I know you don't have time for that.  I also wasn't allowed to play music do to copyright issues. Lame! 

In the video, you'll see how I brake down the blow dry into six steps.  When you attempt each step, its important to take your time and BREATH. Blow drying your hair takes practice to master but I will get you there! Below I have wrote additional tips for each step. 

Before you begin your blow dry journey, prep your hair and get all your tools out.  

I’ve listed a few products I love for the perfect blowout. Click below to read about them and purchase. 

  1. Colour Fanatic Treatment by Purology. Ladies this is my favorite!
  2. Extreme Length Sealer by Redken. Great for  split ends.
  3. Color Serum Spray by Goldwell. For my color treated clients.
  4. After Party by Bed Head. My classic go to.

Start with these.  They can be mixed together or applied separately.  Distribute through your hair evenly. l will put what products I'm using in my hair before I comb my hair out.  This allows your comb to spread the product throughout your hair and help detangle.  Stay tuned for my blog post on all my favorite products!

Now that your hair is prepped, it’s time to get your tools out. In this video, I used a Conair blow dryer, 2” round brush and a large claw clip. Have everything lined up so you can stay organized. 

On to the blow dry!

Step 1. Getting The Hair 80% Dry

DO NOT FLIP YOUR HEAD OVER! This will cause frizz and breakage! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Instead, tilt your head side to side. Use your fingers to gently comb through your hair as you point your blow dryer down the hair shaft. You want the air flow going downward to keep the hair smooth.  But be careful: When you face the blow dryer nozzle at your hair, it will blast the cuticle of the strand and you can easily burn and damage the hair.  When you feel like most of the moisture is out of the hair, turn the blow dryer off and get ready to part your hair. 

Step 2. Drying the Bangs

I like to dry the bangs next because if you let the bangs dry on their own, things might get crazy. With your fingers, brush your bangs down as you blow dry them.  Brush them side to side to fight against any cowlick you may have.  After doing this for a few seconds, grab your round brush and place it under your bangs at the root and blow dry down. Once you’ve done this a few times, take your bangs and wrap them around the brush, blow drying underneath them.  Finally, wrap your bangs around the brush and blow dry them pulling them to the side of your face you want them to lay on. If you have a full fringe going across your face, just blow dry them forward using your fingers. If you want the fringe to have bounce, blow dry them with the brush underneath the hair and hold the blow dryer over the fringe for a few seconds to set them. 

Step 3. Blow drying the nape section

Use your thumbs to part the nape of your hair.  The nape section goes from ear to ear. Pin everything above this section up on the top of your head in the claw clip.  Part the nape section down the middle and bring both sections forward (note: some of us many have more hair then others so you might need to part of the nape sections into four sections).  Grab your blow dryer and begin to blow dry at the roots, first by using your hands. Create tension by gently pulling your hair down as you blow dry down the shaft. When the roots are 100% dry, grab your round brush and take a section and wrap the hair around the brush. Once wrapped, pull the brush down and blow dry the section slowly.  TAKE YOUR TIME.   If you rush through this, chances are your going to leave moisture in the hair.  When you get to the ends, hold the blow dryer for a few extra seconds to dry and add a little bend to the ends. Take the section, smooth it out with your free hand and then begin the wrap process again. Wrap, smooth, repeat!

REMEMBER - You’re going to be doing most of the blow dry in front of you so your arms don't get tired and you have more control over your hair, brush and blow dryer. If you do start to get tired and or frustrated put everything down and check your body position. Are your arms in front of you? Are your bending over and straining your back? You may just need to slow down. Take a breath. Sip that wine and keep practicing!

When all the sections of the nape area are done, place all the hair to the right side of your head.  

Step 4. The Mid Section

With your nape section sitting on the right side of your head, grab your next part on the left side. The mid section goes from temple to temple around your head. This last section on top is your crown section. Pin that up and out of the way including the right side of the mid section so that the damp hair doesn't re-dampen the nape section you just finished.  With the left mid section down, part the section in half vertically and place the section closest to your face up and out of the way as well.  Blow dry that back section like you just did with the nape. Make sure the roots are smooth and 100% dry before picking up that round brush. Wrap, smooth, repeat.  Continue onto the front section. When that is dry bring all the dry hair to the left side of your head and blow dry the mid section on the right side. 

*I know this is wordy! Bare with me we are almost done! Go you!*

Step 5.  The crown section

For my ladies who love volume, this is where you'll get it! Tilt your head slightly forward and take the crown section out of the clip and comb it forward over your face with your fingers.  take all your hair that’s dried (minus your bangs if you have them) and pin the hair back with the claw clip.  This keeps your hair organized and out of your face. If you don't pin back the dry hair, it will fall forward when you tilt your head, opening up room for chaos.  When your crown is combed forward, start blow drying the entire section towards your face. When the roots feel 100% dry, you’re going to take small sections for maximum volume going horizontally over the crown section.  Starting in the back of the crown, take your first section and wrap it around the brush like you've been doing for all of the previous sections. When dried, flip it back and grab your next section. Repeat this until the whole section is dried. Comb it all forward one last time, putting the brush down and running your fingers through the section while continuing to blow dry it forward towards your face. Flip your hair back and voila! Volume. Boom!

Step 6. Make sure the all the hair is 100% dry

This is the easiest step. You’re blending all the sections and combing it through with your fingers as you blow dry all over.  Even though you’re blow drying all over, you still need the blow dryer to be pointing down the hair shaft.  Resist the temptation to flip your head over. Turn off your blow dryer and smooth your hair down with your fingers. Try to work with your finger tips so any oils from the palm of your hands don't grease up your hair, especially near the root. 

And there you have it folks. The Linnybelle blow dry in six steps!     

You can do this ladies! I believe in you! Parting your hair, keeping tension with your brush and working at a slow ensures the hair is smooth and dried fully.  Play your favorite music, put on your girl face and get to blow drying. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the time to practice this. Your hair will thank you as well! 

I’m here all six steps of the way!  For any questions, comment below. 

Good luck my fellow blow out babes!

~The long Hair Queen


Again sorry there isn't any jams! I'm working on this for my next video!