My Story.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my world of hair, makeup and fashion. I have been in Boston for three years at The Jean Pierre Salon on Newbury Street (The salon is currently being transformed under new management, so for my existing and future clients get ready for some exciting changes!). I am a makeup artist and hairstylist with the very talented team at MLR Artist Management. Check out MLR's website here to see all the amazing work we've done. I also do a little modeling with Maggie Models Inc. Click here to view my portfolio with them. If you haven't gathered already, I am a very busy girl!

I was six years old when I discovered my passion for hair. My grandmother was babysitting one night and taught me how to French braid. I will never forget that night, sitting in the living room with her and she encouraged me to keep practicing. French braids to hot rollers. Hot rollers to blow drying. Styling hair just came naturally  to me.  At the young age of six, I was not happy with my curly and out of control hair, so I took it upon myself to fix it. My cousin Bethany and I would spend hours in the bathroom playing with our hair and applying makeup on each other. 

As I got older, I started styling everyone's hair. Parties, dances, sleepovers, even sporting events- every occasion was an opportunity to hone my craft.  It didn't matter what sport I played, I was French braiding my teammates' hair before games. When I wasn't  on stage for school dramas and musicals, I was back stage  styling hair and applying makeup.  I also had this burning desire to be a model. When playing softball, I wouldn't  even slide into any base because I didn't want any scars on my legs. My teammates and I had to run laps because of that. Sorry ladies, but it has paid off for me!  Teachers and friends supported me as I tried out for America's Next Top Model,  but that's an adventure I'll save for another time...

After high school I went to Three Rivers Community College, where I achieved high honors as I earned my associate's degree in general studies. During the school year, I worked at Ruby Tuesday's. A few of my coworkers asked me to style their hair on their wedding day. This was when I discovered my love for styling hair for a bride's big day. I then went to Toni and Guy Cosmetology school, graduating a month early in hot pursuit of becoming a Redken artist.  

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am where I am today. I have big dreams and I'm not stopping until I reach them. I'm almost there and it is  so exciting.  One of the best parts of my job is getting to hear all of your hopes and dreams when you're in my chair. If you haven't sat in my chair yet, come tell me your story while I work my magic with your hair. I look forward to it.

Remember, our hair is our greatest accessory.

~The Long Hair Queen