Looking Fab On The Fly.

On Your Travels.


For my ladies and gents traveling, whether by plane, train, car or boat, I have some pointers for staying fresh and glamorous when you get to your destination.  We have all been there before: you get to where you’re going, but you feel gross and look disheveled. Traveling can be exhausting too, so be a step ahead and prepare wisely. Here’s how:


1. Clean hair. Easy. Come see me! I’ll give you two clarifying washes, blow your hair out and even pull it back for you.  If you can’t get in to see me, take the time to wash your hair and blow it out using my blow dry method. When your hair is clean and blown out, it’s much easier to work with and you'll be thankful you took the time when you roll into your destination with clean hair.  When you wash and dry your hair correctly, your blow out should last you 2-3 days. So whether you’re traveling for the weekend or you’ll be away for a whole week, your hair should last most of the trip.     


2. Put that hair up!  This is what will keep your hair clean while you're traveling. Get it up and out of your face, bangs included.  Take a jaw clip like the one I use in my blow dry video and put your hair up in a loose bun on the top of your head. Take bobby pins or a cute head band and neatly bring your bangs back or to the side. If you pin them up messy, they will fall messy, and that defeats the purpose of what we are doing here.  


3. Moisturize your face and lips double time.  When traveling, I like to pile on the moisturizers because planes, trains, cars, etc. seem to have air conditioning that can suck the life out of your hair and skin. I skip foundation and extra makeup on travel days, because it will only cause more dryness and your skin to look worn out.  I'm applying my Eos every 36 seconds. It’s my favorite lip balm. I will use a natural lip liner and fill in my lips with it. This gives my lips a little boost of color and the Eos keeps them smooth and shiny.  Fool proof, my friends. 


4. Face wipes. These should always be in your bag. I use the CVS brand face wipes to wash my makeup off at night. If I'm not using the CVS wipes, I'm using straight up baby wipes. At first I thought I was just being super lazy, but when Noel McKinnon, head makeup artist of MLR said it’s the best for your skin, I was patting myself on the back. I mean they’re for baby bums. Why not use them??? So back to traveling. The moment I land or arrive at a train station I'm quickly pulling out my face wipe and wiping my face, neck and hands. I re-apply my Eos and I'm a whole new woman. Many of us sleep on the plane or train. Do you know who sat there before you? If you let whatever was on the seat rest on your face, you’re allowing it to seep into your pores and cause *dun dun dun*…breakouts.  And don't act like you don't touch your face. This adds to the spreading of grossness. 


5. Hand sanitizer and hand lotion.  For my ladies, these two items should already be in your purse.  You don't need huge bottles or anything fancy, just enough to get you through your travels.  I would sanitize once you’re on your chosen mode of transport, and sanitize right before you get off.  It should be the first thing you do when you board and the first thing you do when you arrive.  Keeping your skin, hair and body safe from nasty germs starts with your hands.  Hand sanitizers can be rough on your hands, so I always follow up with a few drops of lotion. My favorites are the travel size Crabtree and Evelyn.  


6. Floss sticks.  I’m a chubster when I travel. Snacks galore. Yes I'm the one asking the flight attendant for extra pretzels or if they have any of those extra meals for longer flights.  One time a flight attendant gave me her lunch. I'm embarrassing.  Anyways, floss sticks hide all the evidence that I have been mowing down.  They keep my breath on the fresh side and my gums healthy. They are easy to store in your carry-on bag.     


7. Drink water. Just do it. I know mimosas and three cans of diet coke are very tempting. Trust me on this one. You'll feel better when you get to your destination.  When you drink heavy drinks like soda, they sit in your stomach and cause your body to feel tired and lethargic.  When you get to your destination, you will have more energy to start your vacation. You won’t have to dive onto your hotel bed desperate for a nap.  I also encourage you to drink plenty of water throughout your trip.  This will help keep you healthy and your skin and hair glowing. Water helps you look amazing your whole trip and come back feeling truly refreshed.