Wedding season in full bloom!

This summer, the looks I have chosen with my brides are polished, natural looking hair. Whether my bride or her bridesmaids want their hair up or down, I'm creating looks that are classic and effortless.  

    I’m giving my brides the option to wear their hair down for the ceremony and pictures, and then up for dinner and dancing.  This is a great idea for brides who can’t decide on how to wear their hair. Half-up half down styles provide the perfect balance of having the hair out of her face but waves can still cascade down her shoulders and back.  When she’s ready for it all to go up, it only takes me minutes to put up the bottom half.  

Messy curls and waves have made a huge comeback.  This is a beautiful trend that I have incorporated into my bridal beauty plan. I bring the waves from the beach down the aisle by smoothing down all fly aways and taming any frizz.  The curls are still loose and soft, but clean and shiny which looks amazing in pictures.  

     For the brides that want an updo for their big day, I encourage them to keep their look simple.  Bridal gowns are becoming more and more intricate with so many ornate details.  A swept up chignon is the perfect balance to a busy dress. There can be a defined part with her hair swooping to the side or the hair pulled back with volume at the crown.  This style can be customized to the bride and her wishes.  

Don't forget the gents! I also take care of the groom and his groomsmen on the big day. I provide neck trims and styling so they look sharp going down the isle too! 

Stay tuned for more wedding hair and makeup this summer! 

~The Long Hair Queen