Post Workout Hair.

For my ladies who are working out hard and treating their bodies like temples but struggle with their "crown" after a workout...

So, many of you have asked me, “How do I not wash my hair after the gym?” 

 Let’s start with before you even step foot into a gym, a run, a class etc. How are you wearing your hair? 

 This question is easy. Up. 

 Have you put dry shampoo around the perimeter of your hair?

Many of us think that dry shampoo is for after our workout.  We spray it on thick and think it will magically save our blow outs. We spray it real close to the roots because that’s where we need it the most. WRONG! Ladies, this is all wrong!

Any time you use dry shampoo, you want to spray it six inches away from your scalp.  Practice on your arm first so that you can see that spraying any distance past six inches will feel like powder against your hair. Spray any closer and the dry shampoo will apply wet, which defeats the purpose.

For me, I always spray my part and then I put my hair up in a ponytail.  Then, I spray the dry shampoo at the nape of my neck and my hair line around my face.  Those are the sweatiest places for me. Trust me; I'm the worst face sweater. No shame.  Here is my list of my favorite dry shampoos to use:  

1.     Kerestase Powder Bluff

2.     Davines Hair Refresher

3.     Living proof Perfect Hair Dry

4.     Tresemme Fresh Start

This leads to my next question.  Are you wearing a head band? 

Don’t tell me this is a thing of the eighties (a decade I personally wish I had been a part of).  Put on a fabric head band or a rolled up handkerchief.  This keeps all baby hairs neat and out of the way from collecting sweat off of your face and neck. Nothing is worse for me than my bangs bouncing in my face or my little buckwheat hairs that curl up and disperse sweat droplets…..real cute!

Click on the picture to purchase a headband if you don't have one.

 Is your hair in a ponytail or bun?

Ponytails are quick and easy, but buns save our blow out and keep our hair clean.  If you have long hair, your ponytail will dust your back, shoulders and chest depending on what type of work out you do. It will also touch the floor if you are working out on a mat.  Gross people!! A bun will keep your mid-strands and ends clean from the dirty floor and from your sweating body.  In the picture above, my hair stays up in a bun with only a clip.  I'm also not running miles or in a spin class. If I was, I would secure my hair in ponytail first so that my hair doesn't fall down.  Then, I would wrap my pony tail in a bun with a clip to keep my tresses clean.  

What kind of exercise are you about to take part in? 

For my swimmers -  before you even step foot near that pool of chlorine and god knows what else is in that water, soak your hair in clean shower water.  Don't have time for that? Put conditioner in your hair before you put it up.  You can even do both. I make the time to soak my hair in fresh water and condition the ends.  Your hair will thank you.  You want your hair follicles filled with clean water and conditioner, not the pool water. If your hair soaks up the pool water, the chemicals will eat at your hair.  This is bad for all types of hair. Over time this will wreak havoc on your scalp and hair.  

 My gym goers and class takers -  put your hair up, bun it and wear a headband like I mentioned above.  Apply dry shampoo before your workout.  

After the workout, I hop right into the shower with my hair how it is. I sometimes use a shower cap to prevent my hair from getting wet but I have mastered my showers without a shower cap.  I do my best to keep my face safe from the water as well. I wash my face separately. 

After I shower and I have my makeup on, I then take my hair down.  I take a round brush and rework the hair around my face. It takes five minutes. It’s okay if you have sweat in your hair line. Blow drying into your hair is good for it. Your body won’t overproduce sweat, and it will nourish your hair and keep it from drying out. When we wash our hair every day or twice a day, you are throwing off the pH balance of your scalp causing your scalp to overproduce your body’s natural oils.   

Hair right after my workout routine and shower.  

Hair right after my workout routine and shower.  

TADA! You survived a workout without having to rewash your hair and restyle it. I just saved you a good hour of your time. You’re welcome!

I think I covered everything. If you have any questions message me in the comments below.

Hope this helps my work out beauties!!


The Long Hair Queen.

P.S. Workout with me! Below is a 30 day challenge I am trying to conquer in my living room. Who needs a gym or a class when you have two Kitty fluffs to cheer you on??  

Only the cutest fluff babies. 

Only the cutest fluff babies.