The Longhair Queen in 2017!

My Dearest Clientele,

I cannot thank you enough for this past year.  I started at my new salon, and not only did you all follow me, you have made Carbon Salon your new castle to tame all your tresses.  I am so blessed to have such a loyal and caring clientele. Your support means the world to me and the team at Carbon Salon.

There are going to be so many exciting things to look forward to in this coming year here at Carbon Salon. 

You'll notice there are a few new faces.  We have Hayley, one of our receptionists, our amazing assistants, Tien and Xiomara, and our new stylist, Kara.  If you haven't been in to see me in a while, I will be sure to introduce you. They all share the same passion for hair that I do. I love working with them. 


Ladies, the makeup kits at Carbon have been unleashed! Hayley, Xiomara, Kara and I are all available to do makeup in the salon or on location for any event. You can click on their names to see their beautiful work. 

This brings me to the makeup classes and other hair education for the year.  We are planning a Valentine’s Day makeup class in February and another class later on in the spring. I am going to have a braiding class detailing all the cute spring and summer braid trends.  In the fall we will of course have our holiday glam class.  

So far, I have 10 weddings and counting this season!! Pray for me.

Just kidding, you all know weddings are my jam!

I will do my best this year to keep you all updated with all things hair and makeup (with the occasional life moment and cat pic) on my blog, YouTube channel and all of my other social media accounts.

I love you all so much! Let this be another great year of glorious hair.

xo The Long Hair Queen.