PM Hair

At night, we all have our routines - brushing our pearly whites, washing our faces, getting into our jammies, etc. 

Ladies, we are forgetting something?

Our hair! 

Do we brush it? Maybe. Do we put it up? Doubtful! Are we putting oil in the ends? Definitely not. And lastly, do you own a silk pillow case?  

Let me fill you in on my nightly routine. (Click on the bold to buy stuff. :))

I brush my hair before I shower and before bed.  We lose up to 100 strands a day so I like to brush them out so I don't have a stroke in the shower thinking I'm losing all of my hair. Brushing your hair also stimulates the scalp helping to create a healthy environment for new growth.

Once brushed, I put my hair on the top of my head in a bun with a clip, leaving my ends out.  By putting my hair up in a clip and not a hair tie, I'm protecting my hair from damage from the elastic.  Also, the clip won’t leave indents that drive everyone crazy when they take their hair down. I take my hair out of the clip the next morning after I shower and my blow out still looks good. All I have to do is touch up the hairs around my face.   

When my hair is up in the clip with the ends out I then take one of my favorite split end serums and apply it. They get special care at night so they stay strong until my next trim and treatment. With everything secured in the clip on top of my head, the serum won’t get on my face and all over my pillow case.  On the last night of my blow out, my ends are soaked with oil.  I wash my hair the next day and my ends are healthy and soft.

I have two silk pillow cases that I alternate.  I recently purchased a silk pillow case for my body pillow. Silkiness all around! My grandmother gave me one of her silk pillowcases andI haven’t gone back to cotton since.  My hair never gets tangled, nor does my hair feel dirty or messy in the morning.  Silk has wonderful benefits not just for our hair, but our skin as well. To see more benefits of silk click here.

I set myself up for success by leaving all of my nighttime supplies on my night stand.  After a long day, or if I am out late, I can sometimes come down with a case of the lazies, wanting nothing more than to swan dive into my bed.  I have face wipes and baby oil - that’s right, I said baby oil-  to wash my face and take my makeup off.  I always have lip balm to have luscious lips at the ready. (To kiss my baby fluffs obvs.) I have night cream for my face and a separate cream for my hands.  I stash a couple of clips for my hair and always have a clean silky pillow case ready to go.  With the little energy I have I will put serum in my ends. I’ll get into why I use what I use on my face another day. For now, I want all of my beauties focusing on their hair.

 I wake up and my mornings are much easier. I’m not yelling at new zits in the mirror or brushing knots out of my hair.  My PM set up is fool proof. Trust! When I don't have my hair up, my Bae will ask, “Where’s the bun?!”  He even knows how important my nightly routine is.  So ladies, make sure you take care of your hair at night, so it will be shiny and beautiful when you wake up!


The Long Hair Queen.

P.S Stevie (The great one) and Bon Appetit mag are my go to reads at night.  Strongly recommend them.