The Big Cut

I chopped my hair!!

Last month I cut four inches. Can you believe it?? The #longhairqueen chopped four inches! 

Girl why?


1.     I have not cut this much off my hair in years.  I needed change.  I have had too many hair stylists in my hair over the years. This isn't knocking the stylists by any means. You must remember that every stylist cuts a little different than the next.  For clients, if you salon hop, you’re going to end up with several different cuts in your hair.  This is bad because you could end up with uneven hair, unwanted layers and/or over texturized hair.  I had too many uneven layers or “holes” in my hair and the perimeter of my hair looked straggly.  When Ingrid, the only stylist to touch my hair now, cut off the four inches, the perimeter of my hair was fuller and the balayage was gone, so my ends looked and felt healthier. You truly feel like a whole new woman when you get a fresh cut. 

(Sidenote: Never use Groupon to get a cut. You may get someone who is chop happy or doesn't know what they are doing yet. Save money on other things. It’s worth every penny to have a stylist who truly knows how to take care of your hair.)

1.     It’s a nice change of pace having shorter hair.  I love my cute ponytail and my curls could not be happier. I don't look back at old pictures of my hair and say “why did I do this?” Instead, I look to the future and say I’m excited to grow my hair out healthy.  It won’t take me long because I’ll be my using my long hair program that I tell you all about when you come to the salon. Most of my clients already know the benefits of my special program. I have helped ladies for three years now grow out their hair.  The reason to grow your hair out and the desired length may be different from client to client, but the path to get there is the same.

So what is my special program? If you haven't heard my spiel yet, here it is. The first thing we do is a haircut. You must be saying, “Cut?? I need growth!” Patience my beauties!  We always start with a haircut because we need to make sure that your hair is even and your split ends are under control. Depending on your hair we may take off a few inches or just one.  I like to take more off in the fall if we need to because that gives us all winter to grow your hair back out. Let’s be real: We all want long mermaid hair for the summer.  REMEMBER that I am the hair stylist that will leave as much length as possible.  I will NEVER cut off your length without talking to you first.  I always show you the first cut and take off hair in small increments.   

Once we have a fresh canvas of hair, I have you come in once a month in between your hair cuts for my special blow-dry. This consists of two clarifying shampoos at the sink and then a ten-minute treatment under heat. I love treatments! I use the Redken Extreme treatment for my special blow outs. You can also try our Kerastase Fusio Doses and other Kerastase treatments. They are the creme dela creme of conditioning treatments. Kerastase uses the best of the best ingredients. I'm obsessed.   After the shampoo and treatment, I blow dry your hair however your heart desires. We can do straight, wavy, curly, or everyone’s favorite, beachy waves.  After we blow you out, I go through each section and I only take off the split ends. I don't take off length or re-layer.  By staying on top of your split ends each month by nourishing and protecting your hair, your locks will be in great shape. Healthy hair equals growing hair, which equals long hair.  

I then suggest the vitamins and high antioxidant diet that I have wrote about in my past posts. Be healthy on the inside and it will shine through on the outside.

So lets grow our hair out together! My Baby sister is getting married in September so lets check in then to see how long my hair has grown.  My Method works ladies. Trust!


The Long Hair Queen.