All Hail The Hair Masque!

My Beauties! 

It’s time that I educate you on at home masques.  AND I’m hosting a contest! I want to see pictures of you all rocking your masques while you're chilling at home and Netflixing. I will pick the best masque picture with the winner receiving fabulous Kerastase products. Who’s excited??

After you read this, post your picture below, on my Facebook post on my page or send it to me over Instagram.  I will pick a winner next week!  Be sure to share this with all your friends. I want to spread the word of the masque!

Let’s begin.

Pick one night and while your “flixing" and put a hair masque in your hair. Let it sit in your hair for the duration of your show and then shower and rinse it out. The beauty of at-home hair masques is that you can leave them in for ten minutes, or let them sit in your hair as you finish up a season of whatever show you're watching.  

This sounds easy enough, yet I feel like we neglect hair masques for different reasons:  you don't know how to apply the masque properly. You don't know what to use.  You’re afraid it will make your hair oily and create a buildup.  You don’t have Netflix, which makes me question your life choices…just kidding…kinda. Whether it’s in front of the TV, on the phone or cooking dinner at night, you can have a masque in your hair.

Let me walk you through at home hair masques and answer the questions I mentioned above.

First, let’s pick out your masque. My beauties in my chair know that I'm not a product snob but my number one choice is any of the Kerastase Masques.  Now as a Kerastase Ambassador, I am learning more about how beneficial the K masques truly are.  I’m currently using the Elixir Ultime Oleo-complexe masque with Aura Botanica Concentre Essentiel Oil on my ends.  You can get both of these products at Carbon Salon along with all the other wonderful masques Kerastase offers.  If you’re nervous a masque might be too heavy for your hair, Kerastase has a brand new masque just for you. It’s called Specifique Hydro-Apaisant.  This masque is silicone free, moisturizes and soothes the scalp leaving the hair soft, supple and light. This is a perfect formula for my ladies with a sensitive scalp or have thin or oily hair.  Other hair masques can be found at all beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta. Be sure to read the ingredients and if your unsure, you can always message me.  



Applying your masque is not as hard as you may think it is. I start by brushing my hair out. My hair is dry when I do my masques so that my hair absorbs all the amazing ingredients. I part my hair into four quadrants. I part down the middle and from ear to ear. I take a small spoon of the masque and work it into the hair, section by section, focusing on working the product through the mid strands and ends. I'm using my fingers to comb the product through the hair. Once the product is in and evenly distributed, I put my hair up in a bun with a clip.  

The oil I put on my ends with my masque.

The oil I put on my ends with my masque.

After you have sat with your masque, you can hop in the shower. When I get into the shower, I start rinsing the masque out near my scalp. I shampoo the scalp twice.  This removes buildup and any residue that leaves your hair feeling oily, and prevents your hair from getting dirty faster. After two thorough washes I then rinse everything out. I condition the ends and shave my legs while I let the conditioner soak into my hair. And that’s the only time I shave my legs. Just being honest!  You may not even need to condition your ends depending on your hair type and how you are going to style it out after. My hair gets frizzy, so after a masque I still like to condition with Kerastase’s Discipline Floudiste (anti-frizz conditioner).


You can also do a five minute masque in the shower after your hair is wet. When I have a busy week and I am getting home late, I will get in the shower and wash my hair twice, applying the masque like I mentioned above. I will then let it sit in my hair while up in a bun with a clip while I continue with my shower routine.  I rinse out the masque, and depending on how my hair is feeling or how I am styling it, I condition and rinse that out.  When I get out of the shower, I gently squeegee the water out of my hair and wrap in a towel.  Don't go to town rough drying your hair with your towel.  When your hair is wet, it is in its most fragile state.  

Okay my beauties! Go forth and Masque! I look forward to seeing all of your pictures! Please leave any questions or comments below.


The Long Hair Queen.